Leasing an ATM Machine

An ATM Lease

When you lease an ATM machine from us, you don’t have to tie up any of your capital. ATM leases are available at a fixed rate, or you may opt to lease the machine via a percentage of the revenue. Your profits pay for the lease.

Terms are available for one to five years, and of course, the longer the lease, the less you’ll pay each month. When the term is up, you can choose between purchasing the ATM, upgrading to a new ATM machine or renewing the lease on your current ATM machine. That last option results in considerable savings. We’ve available during regular business hours to discuss all the opportunities involved with leasing and help you determine the best leasing arrangement for your business. Contact us today or visit us online to fill out an ATM lease application.

If you need replacement parts for your machine, or sundries such as machine paper, just give us a call and we’ll arrange for shipping. If you need help with basic repairs or paper installation, we’re happy to walk you through the process.